The last thing you need is a slow ticketing process when passengers are boarding or wanting to do an activity. With CustomLinc you will process customers faster as well as engage them for upgrades, packages, and more with just one transaction required. With a full logistics system built in the process to process customers is simple & effective.

Pre-bookings can quickly be made on one screen to check availability, complete the reservation and send a barcoded confirmation or text message to the customer.

There are many configuration options available as well as the ability to add Kiosk vending to increase throughput even further.

Access Control

Seating Plans

Deck Plans


Easily sell cafe items pre-departure or onboard using the touchscreen. Find by category, item lookup, or barcode. Onboard POS terminals can operate in offline mode, syncronising when connectivity is restored ensuring that your transactions, cash-ups, and same stock control are up to date.

By completing this within the same solution as you handle all ticketing, avoid the time-consuming and costly process of reconciling multiple systems. Let one interface to your accounting system record your ticket and cafe revenue.


Let customers remember their experience with a souvenir or other retail item and provide a seamless experience while doing it. Used by clients in shop-fronts and on vessels, quickly sell items via touchscreen categories or barcodes as a standalone sale or by adding onto a tour booking. Payment options include integrated EFTPOS (tap and go) or adding onto room/bar tabs, and with all payments going through one system, cash reconciliations are simple.

Behind the high-speed, intuitive sales screen there is comprehensive stock control management, tracking quantities sold, profit margins, current stock-on-hand levels, strategic stock levels and supplier ordering system.


Gain a complete solution to manage ticketing and logistic operations within a single platform. It is unique in that it can allow a single booking to appear on multiple manifests over multiple days. Seamlessly manage customers moving from one type of transport to another or consolidate multiple products onto a vessel.

Any change to any resource is instantly reflected throughout all sales channels to ensure that no vehicle is overbooked, either on the vessel or transfer vehicles. Automatically calculate pick-up schedules and notify any third party venues that are associated with a booking.


Easily check availability in real-time. See all tours, tour dates and bookings to date including seating and room availability. A call centre or booking desk can perform the complete booking process including credit card processing and confirmation emails to passengers and agents. Multiple geographic sites can take bookings and synchronise with a centralised database.

Pricing will automatically adjust for agents and online consumers. Sightseeing links in with other functionality to provide a seamless and effective booking process which utilises built-in automated logistics.



We have made the charter booking process easy by facilitating a two step process to create a formal quote and ensure a vessel matches your customers criteria. In fact, you can use multiple vessels assigned to multiple movements per booking. Our CRM streamlines the sales process keeping a history of quotes and important conversations.

Flexible pricing options include per vessel, per hour, per passenger or any combination of these as well as the options to add-on options and discount for tailored quotes.


Accommodation onboard is managed with deck layouts and cabin plans giving you options for shared and exclusive cabins, bed configuration, and cabin classes. Add on food & beverage for the full package.

Additionally, sell more by packaging accommodation with tours. Booking information is used to automatically produce travel documentation, pick-up schedules, itineraries, accommodation rooming lists and activities along the way. It's all in one system and provides one view over your customer.


Gain optimisation of vehicle and crew movements through smart rostering. The bottom line; better resource allocation means less wastage with subcontracting and staff overlaps.

With features including a visual overview of resources allocated, drag-and-drop to quickly reallocate resources, and clash detection to prevent double-booking staff or resources, the rostering module complements the product scheduling and availability.