Allow your to book through a variety of channels including online via mobile devices. Provide instant response to availability and immediate confirmation of their booking via email or text message.

When you have a hundreds of people lined up to board your vessel, you need fast efficient processing. Touch-screen fast ticketing screens for new sales, barcoded boarding for existing bookings and quick options to change or upgrade bookings are all ways that CustomLinc can help your business move.

Access Control

At boarding time, manage queues of vehicles with options including PDA scanning, tablet version for quick look-up and marking vehicles as arrived/boarded or with physical access control. Whatever options you select, CustomLinc has an option to ensure that booked vehicles are given priority over last-minute sales.

CustomLinc is a licensed reseller for Axess products and services in Australia and New Zealand. These ruggedised devices are suitable for extreme weather environments including water, rain, snow and high humidity.

Seating Plans

Deck Plans

Configure loading zones with rules for height, width and weight and automated allocation to the zone based on the vehicle type being booking. Availability is determined based on number of vehicles and "deck metres" remaining within the allowed zones.

Reorder and override the automatic allocation based on the vessel loading for each departure, ensuring that the system helps you maximise your business, not restricting it.


Sell food and beverages on-board and at the ferry terminals with all transactions within the one system for accurate reporting, stock control and financial integration.

On-board options also include an off-line version that syncronise when in range of an internet connection to have all transactions upload to the primary database. Reporting is instant, allowing clients to have replenishment stock waiting on the vessel's return.


Eliminate the hassles of selling merchandise through a separate system by processing all transactions through CustomLinc. Enable multiple purchases (including merchandise and product bookings) within one transaction.

Our merchandising module includes tap and go payment technology, bar-coding, room charge and bar tabs and purchase orders for third party suppliers.


Ordinary reservation systems cannot deal with customers moving from one type of transport to another. CustomLinc is unique in that it can allow a single booking to appear on multiple manifests over multiple days. Our system will automatically calculate pickup schedules and notify any third party venues that are associated with a booking.


Easily check availability in real-time. Our Sightseeing module shows all tours, tour dates and bookings to date including seating and room availability. A call centre or booking desk can perform the complete booking process including credit card processing and confirmation emails to passengers and agents. Multiple geographic sites can take bookings and synchronise with a centralised database. Pricing will automatically adjust for agents.



For those special jobs.


For the longer journeys, if you also offer accommodation on your vehicle ferry.


Multiple ferries can be allocated to movements throughout the day with clash detection to ensure vessels aren't being used on overlapping movements. With the ability to allocate crew to multiple roles to each departure, rostering of Masters, Engineers and Deck crew can be assigned based on their role within the company.