CustomLinc offers multiple options to streamline your business operations to maximise the customer experience from booking to boarding. Customised options include durable polymer tickets to ensure customers and crew can board as easily at the end of the journey as at the beginning.

If you experience high volumes of walk-up bookings, reduce customer queue times via high-speed ticketing and integrated EFTPOS pinpads . For high volumes of pre-bookings, detailed confirmations and optional PDF tickets can allow customers to proceed direct to boarding, avoiding queues for ticket issue.

Access Control

CustomLinc is a licensed reseller for Axess products and services in Australia and New Zealand.

These ruggedised devices are suitable for extreme weather environments including water, rain, snow and high humidity.

Seating Plans

Maximise yield and your customers' experience with seating plans for each of your services.

Working with the Rostering system, allocate each passenger to an assigned seat based on the vehicle/s travelling on either automatically or via the drag-and-drop visual layouts.

Seats are resold based on passengers departing the service and seat allocations applied via multiple rules available.

Deck Plans


Sell food and beverages on-board linked to the customer's membership card for improved profiling and customer service. The offline version will work out of range of the cellular network.

Administrative overheads are reduced with an integrated solution.


Merchandising is a fantastic way for tourism businesses to aggressively boost sales. But Operating a second POS system alongside your main ticketing system can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to cash-up of the till draw, reconciliation and posting to accounts.

CustomLinc has solved this problem to enable multiple purchases within one transaction. Our merchandising module includes tap and go payment technology, bar-coding, room charge and bar tabs and purchase orders for third party suppliers such as instructors or photographers.


Customers want to get from A to B. Let CustomLinc show you the best way to get between these locations with our Journey Planner, without relying on staff having to memorise route maps and timetables.

Our Express system is tailored to handle multiple services, connecting to other routes through transport hubs for complete point-to-point journey.


Easily check availability in real-time. Our Sightseeing module shows all tours, tour dates and bookings to date including seating and room availability.

A call centre or booking desk can perform the complete booking process including credit card processing and confirmation emails to passengers and agents.


Multi-stop routes, variable timetables and hop-on/hop-off services have been designed for your operations in our Express system.

By partnering with multiple operators, CustomLinc has developed features tailored to the specific issues facing Express operators.

These include discounted return pricing, multi-day timetables, detailed customer confirmations with location notes and searching of similar locations to find the next available service.



This module allows our clients to add value and sell more by packaging accommodation with tours. In fact, tours can be packaged to include any optional excursions during an overnight tour.

This booking information is used to automatically produce travel documentation, pick-up schedules, itineraries, drivers manifests, accommodation rooming lists and activities along the way.


Allocate one or more vehicles for each service with in-built clash detection to ensure maximum utilisation. Vehicles assigned can tie in to the Seating Plans module to ensure valid selections of seats.

Assign staff to the rostered vehicle movements further enhancing the optimisation of all of your resources.