Quickly make bookings using a variety of channels, allowing you to use your reservation platform in the way that best suits your operations. Pre-bookings via single-screen bookings, walk-up bookings via touchscreens and en-route tickets issued all flow through to the comprehensive passenger and financial reporting modules.

Availability is determined based on all the vehicles and components that a customer travels on, ensuring that no part of your product can be overbooked. Supplier notifications are generated and tracked for third-party providers, reducing administration time, allowing you to focus on connecting with your customers.

Access Control

Seating Plans

Deck Plans



Merchandising is a fantastic way for tourism businesses to aggressively boost sales.

But Operating a second POS system alongside your main ticketing system can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to cash-up of the till draw, reconciliation and posting to accounts.

CustomLinc has solved this problem to enable multiple purchases within one transaction. Our merchandising module includes tap and go payment technology, bar-coding, room charge and bar tabs and purchase orders for third party suppliers such as instructors or photographers.


Ordinary reservation systems cannot deal with customers moving from one type of transport to another. CustomLinc is unique in that it can allow a single booking to appear on multiple manifests over multiple days.

Our system will automatically calculate pick-up schedules, automate the sending of manifests and third party notifications and provide accurate loading at all stages of the journey.


Easily check availability in real-time. Our Sightseeing module shows all tours, tour dates and bookings to date including seating and room availability.

Multiple geographic sites can take bookings and synchronise with a centralised database. Pricing will automatically adjust for agents.




Add value to customers by packaging accommodation with tours, either as an add-on to your tour, or package to create multi-day accommodation, transfers and excursions within the one booking.

This booking information is used to automatically produce travel documentation, pick-up schedules, itineraries, drivers manifests, accommodation rooming lists and activities along the way.


Rostering features in CustomLinc's solution include visual overview of resources allocated, drag-and-drop to quickly reallocate to maximise resource efficiency and clash detection to prevent double-booking staff or resources.

The rostering module complements the product scheduling and availability in one, complete solution.